President’s Message

Dear Members and Friends of ASSE,

In his June message to the Chapter, outgoing President Randy Easterling thanked John Placey and Troy Ogden for their dedicated service to the Chapter and willingness to serve. I also want to thank them for what they have done to ensure the success of the Alabama Chapter. John has offered leadership in many roles, for many years, including trustee of our funds and the force behind our secure financial stance. Troy, from the time he joined our Chapter, jumped in with both feet to add value to our newsletter and marketing, provide us with a meeting place at Brasfield and Gorrie and generally doing anything he could to grow our chapter. I also want to thank Randy Easterling for his willingness to lead us for the last two years as President. He has continued the legacy of moving us forward as a Chapter. This year because of the efforts of these and many other individuals, we are a Platinum Chapter.

 Without dedicated leaders like Randy, John and Troy, we cannot continue our legacy of continual improvement as a Chapter. I am happy to serve this year with Vice President Danny Callies, Secretary Jamie Stewart, Treasurer Allyn Holladay, and Delegates Frank Lakotich and Greg Blake. My thanks to them for their willingness to serve. I look forward to working with them to move us onward and upward.

 I am writing this message from my hotel room in Denver, CO at ASSE Safety 2017. I had some quiet time this morning to think about my journey in ASSE with the Alabama Chapter.

 For many years I enjoyed the benefits of mentors and friends in the Chapter and only occasionally attended meetings and events, but was never a member. In 2010 I decided to join ASSE, mostly because I wanted to get my CSP. When Bob Fitzgerald became Chapter President, he issued a challenge to grow the chapter and get many more people involved. In his words “Many hands make small work”. That struck a chord with me. I volunteered to help get the Northeast AL Section moving forward again and began working with the Chapter Executive Committee, serving as Section Chair for five years. Four years ago I was elected one of your Chapter Delegates, serving and learning from long time Delegate Frank Lakotich.

 One thing I realized during this morning’s reflection is that the more I invest in ASSE, the more I receive from ASSE. It is the principle of sowing and reaping. A farmer plants seeds in the ground. He tends them, fertilizing, watering and weeding. In the end he receives a crop with many more seeds than he had originally. It is no different with any endeavor.

 My challenge to you as a member of the Alabama Chapter of ASSE is to “sow your seeds” by getting more involved in our Chapter. There are many ways that you can become invested. We are a strong chapter, approaching 500 members. That number should be reached in early spring 2018, making us a large Chapter. This means we will need a third Delegate to serve with Frank and Greg. Is that you?

We have Sections in Northeast AL, Chaired by Gary Vernon, in the Auburn/Montgomery area Chaired by Scott Walker and in Tuscaloosa Chaired by Paul Thurber. Will you support them through attendance and work on projects they have identified in their area? I have had requests from our Student Sections at UAB, AU and JSU for us to support these young and eager safety professionals. We are hosting our Third Annual Chapter PDC in October. Tom Ten Eyck is planning this and could use some assistance as we have the ability to handle more vendors and participants this year. Will you contribute here?

 Our Chapter is hosting the Region 4 PDC on April 11-12, 2018, in Tuscaloosa. Randy Easterling is the PDC Chair and could use your help in planning and executing this important endeavor. Recently we held a Chapter meeting in Troy, planned and hosted by Jacob Fannin and the City of Troy with 69 in attendance. We will do more of these outreach meetings, if we have your support. Can we count on you to be invested here?

Opportunities abound for you to be actively involved in our Chapter growth. Please become involved and contribute your ideas and energy to make your Chapter stronger. Because of what we have done over the last several years, eyes are on us. At the Region 4 PDC in Baton Rouge and here in Denver, people from other Chapters are asking how we are doing what we are doing in Alabama.  I encourage you to let any member of our leadership team know how you want to contribute. If you do not volunteer, I will be asking you.

Yours in service to safety

Wayne P. Jackson, CEA, CSP

President, AL Chapter ASSE